Hyde Park

Rangers Lodge. (Open Map)


Hyde Park is well-known for its 142 hectares of picturesque gardens, picturesque trees, and untamed grasslands. It is an urban oasis that offers an array of attractions and events throughout the year. The eastern side of the park features expansive lawns perfect for picnicking and frolicking, while the western side is more wild and secluded. Visitors will find the Rose Garden, with beautiful landscaping and flowers throughout the year, as well as the Holocaust Memorial Garden and Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. For a relaxing afternoon, guests can rent a deck chair (1-4 hours £1.80-£4.80, all day £9) and lounge in the sun. The lake, the Serpentine, is separated from Kensington Gardens by an L-shaped body of water and offers swimming, paddling, and boat rentals from June to September. Speakers' Corner, frequented by historical figures, is located in the northeastern corner of Hyde Park and provides a place for protest and expression. The Serpentine Galleries, which feature works from contemporary artists, are also situated within the park and house a full program of exhibitions, readings, and talks. Hyde Park has a long history, having been expropriated from the church by Henry VIII in 1536 and becoming a hunting ground for kings and aristocrats. The Great Exhibition of 1851 was held in the park and during WWII the area was used as a potato bed.