Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath, London. (Open Map)


Explore Hampstead Heath, a sprawling 320-hectare area located 3.5 miles away from Trafalgar Square, and experience its woodlands, meadows, hills, and rich flora and fauna. Visit Parliament Hill to gain an expansive view of London, or take a leisurely stroll around Kenwood House and its landscaped gardens. The Heath also features three swimming ponds, which are open year-round with varying seasonal opening times. The men's pond is a popular spot for gay men, while the women's pond is more secluded. The mixed pond is open in the summertime, although it can get crowded. All three ponds are tested daily and meet stringent quality guidelines. Take a dip in the murky brown water and enjoy a cooling swim in one of the capital's best open-air swimming spots.