Battersea Park

Battersea Park. (Open Map)


Public park with children's zoo and more

Once the site of the Festival Gardens and the Battersea fun fair, the Battersea Park still keeps alive its cultural heritage at the Battersea Evolution event space, which shows exhibitions, conferences and Christmas parties; as well as at The Pump House Gallery, a temple for the visual arts.

Visitors can also enjoy sculptures by Henry Moore, Babara Hepworths and Nicola Hicks as they stroll around the park. The Battersea Park is an oasis in the city, with varied wildlife, and a superb flora, richer than in other parks of London. And speaking of wildlife, there's also a small zoo in the park, with great appeal for kids of all ages. For outdoors activities, there are football fields and tennis courts, and even a boating lake.